Mike Rousseau

Former CEO St Jude Medical (Acquired by  Abbott Labs)

“Unique skill set to drive innovation”
“Risk taker who knows when to course correct”
“Entrepreneurial with the experience to execute”’

Joe Rogowski

Chief Medical Officer NBPA

“I have worked for 15 years with Srijoy taking care of Pro athletes. He is an innovative thinker who works hards while challenging conventional wisdom. He is also a good guy.”

Avi Fischer

Former Chief Medical Officer Abbot Labs now CEO of ElectroPhysiology Frontiers

“I have always found Srijoy to be patient-centric; focused on patient safety and outcomes. He has a strong track record of developing products that are not just effective and easier to use but safer. He is an innovator.”

Phil Ebeling

COO of Inspire Medical Systems

“Rare is the person who innovates in a way that both the engineer and the physician can equally appreciate. Srijoy is that person; meticulous yet empathetic and always with the patient in mind.”